Live Coding Tests live coding

During the test, managers can join a live test and review applicants’ coding. Applicants may also ask for assistance during the test using the testing app.

When the manager joins a live test, both the manager and the applicant can see and talk to each other. In addition, the applicant’s screen is being shared,  thus the manager can review the applicant’s code, ask regarding the applicant’s solution, and also clarify regarding the coding problem if necessary. 

How this is done?

Once the test is checked with “join a live test”. When applicants attend the test; the testing app will ask them to share their screen;

coding test share screen

Once applicants’ attend live tests, managers can view their active tests and join one:

Active Live Tests

Pressing on the relevant applicant -> Join Test will let the manager enter a live test; in which:

  • Both the manager and the applicant can see and hear each other
  • The manager can see the applicant test, review the applicant code and assist upon need

live coding test

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