Angular (Coding)

 40 Minutes
 2 Questions

This practical test is designed to assess your skills in building applications using the Angular framework. In this assessment, you will directly implement solutions within the Angular environment, emphasizing real-world application. Highlights: Practical Implementation: This assessment involves hands-on tasks requiring you to code with Angular directly, from establishing the groundwork with modules and components to creating interactive forms and dynamic content using directives. Challenges are based on realistic projects to test your adaptability and problem-solving skills in Angular. You'll implement features and fix bugs, simulating common tasks a developer faces when building applications with this framework.

Example Question:

In this question, you will implement a simple Time Machine:
The time machine should support 3 operations:
  1. Increment time by 1. (Time +1)
  2. Decrement time by 1. (Time -1)
  3. Reset time to 0. (Reset to 0)

The code contains three buttons matching the operations above,
the "countDiv" should display only the time number, e.g., 0
and the initial time value should be 0