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Our experts' community - CodersHub.com, manage the world's most extensive database of coding and technical questions

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Why our product

Coding challenges

Use coding challenges to see how candidates write code, compile, and run it. Browse their compilation history. See how the candidates think.

300+ Technologies

Our questions repository contains more than 300 technologies. Create a test by choosing the questions that best fit your job position needs.

Themed tests

With themed tests, companies like yours can implement their unique website design and product theme to our testing app. Read more

"No-Google" Test

Setting a “No Google” test means candidates will be asked to avoid using Google or any other web resource to solve their test. Read more

Screenshots based test

During the test, the test app takes screenshots to verify the candidate does not copy the answers from the internet. The service will send a screenshot report after the test is submitted. Read more

Webcam based tests

Verify your candidate is the only one taking the test. We use face detection to verify a human face is detected; the service will send a profile images report after the test is submitted.

Live coding test

You can create, schedule, and code with your candidate throughout the duration of the interview, allowing you to screen interviewees easily—from any location. Read more

Recorded test

Our recorded tests typically involve recording candidates' test sessions by capturing their screen activity and surroundings via video and audio recording.


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