Here at LuGo-Test, we value and understand the needs of companies wanting to outshine their testing app vendor, and that’s precisely what this new feature upholds.

The goal of this new feature, THEMED TEST, is to bring your applicants closer and make them feel more connected to your company than ever before!

What we aim to achieve at LuGo Test is to make your applicants see your company’s look rather than our default overview.

At LuGo Test, we prioritize the themes, colors, and branding style that distinguishes every company. For that, THEMED TEST is here to revitalize those unique styles and patterns for your company.

With THEMED TEST, companies like yours can now implement their unique website design and product theme to our testing app. This way, your applicants are more connected to your style and services during the recruitment process!

Using our superb theme editor feature, it re-masters every website’s unique look on our testing app. Our theme editor allows us to set basic outlooks from your website like;

  • Text colors and sizes.
  • Background color.
  • Design layout.
  • Company’s images.
  • About us (company links).

Making these subtle changes will not only make applicants more connected to your website/company, but also your innovative and ideal views.

Are you ready to bring your applicants closer to your company with our new testing app feature?

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