We’ve added Spring Boot and NodeJS to our list of supported coding tests!

Highlights of the technologies

Spring Boot is an open-source framework (Java-based) to create microservices.

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and is best used for quickly creating fast and scalable networking applications.

Why Spring Boot? To name a few advantages

  • Native Support for Application Server – Servlet Container
  • Easy Development
  • Standalone Applications

Why Node.JS? Here are some highlights

  • High-performance for Real-time Applications
  • Easy Scalability for Modern Applications
  • Community Support to Simplify Development

Both technologies provide a fast and straightforward creation of web applications.

Which positions require these technologies?

Web development, front and backend development, software engineering, full stack development, and more!

You can use these new features to check candidates’ ability to code spring boot controllers or node.js servers

Figure 1. illustrates a spring boot coding task where the candidate implements a stock service controller. The candidate can start the spring boot server and check the stock microservice using the test application.

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