Introduction: In the fast-evolving world of DevOps, the challenge isn’t just about finding talent; it’s about finding the right talent. With a myriad of technologies and practices in the field, how do you ensure that your candidates don’t just look good on paper but actually possess the practical skills needed? That’s where our DevOps technical and coding assessments come into play.

Our DevOps Assessment Offering: We understand that DevOps is a broad field encompassing a range of skills and technologies. To cater to this diversity, we offer a comprehensive set of assessments designed to evaluate candidates’ technical and coding abilities accurately. These assessments are crafted to mirror real-world scenarios, ensuring that
candidates are tested on practical, applicable skills.

Technologies Covered: Our assessments cover a wide range of DevOps technologies, ensuring a thorough evaluation of candidates’ skills. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Terraform & SaltStack: For infrastructure as code and automation skills.
  • Docker & Kubernetes: Assessing containerization and orchestration expertise.
  • Git & GitLab: Evaluating version control and collaborative development abilities.
  • Puppet & Chef: For configuration management proficiency.
  • Azure & AWS: Testing cloud infrastructure and services knowledge.
  • Ansible & Jenkins: For automation and continuous integration/deployment skills.
  • Maven & Nagios: Assessing build management and monitoring capabilities.
  • Jira & Selenium: Evaluating project management and automated testing skills.
  • CI/CD Practices: Testing understanding and implementation of continuous integration and deployment methodologies.

The Assessment Process: Our assessments are designed to be as practical and realistic as possible. Candidates are given real-world tasks that they would encounter in their day-to-day roles. These are conducted online, with a mix of multiple-choice questions, hands-on projects, and situational analyses. This approach not only helps in evaluating the technical skills but also the problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities of the candidates.

Why Choose Our Assessments? Using our DevOps assessments can streamline your hiring process significantly. By accurately gauging a candidate’s skills, you can save time and resources that might otherwise be spent on interviewing and evaluating unsuitable candidates. These assessments also help in ensuring that the candidates you hire are well-suited for the role and are likely to succeed and contribute positively to your team.

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