Designed to revolutionize your interviewing process,
we proudly unveil our latest product: Live Coding Tests.


LuGo Live Coding is a new product that has been uniquely designed to streamline the traditional interviewing process for coding positions in your company. By implementing our latest product, you can create, schedule, and code with your applicant throughout the duration of the interview, allowing you to screen interviewees easily—from any location.

Upon inviting the applicant to a live coding test, a collaborative IDE is set into motion, allowing both the interviewer and the interviewee to:

  • Write, Compile, And Execute Code Simultaneously
  • Review Compilation Errors And Warnings
  • Create Custom Test Cases
  • Review And Discuss The Applicant’s Chosen Coding Solution

Both sides will then communicate with each other using audio and video, utilizing a collaborative diagram editor that allows both parties to showcase ideas in an educational format. Each party can select their desired instructional utensils from the software’s fully-equipped toolbox, and save the various drawings and diagrams created with a snapshot option that will be present throughout the duration of the interview. This allows applicants and interviewers to share ideas, and communicate visuals no matter their location.

shared design tool

3 Steps To Success

Screen applicants faster, and isolate strong, reliable candidates for your company’s available positions using LuGo Test’s 3 Step Process:

1.) Live Test Creation:

The interviewer creates a live test based on the relevant coding challenges applicable to the position, allowing the interviewer to see the strength and suitability of the applicant for their desired role. During this process, the interviewer may also choose to upload a design or diagram to discuss with the applicant during the test.

2.) Inviting The Applicant To The Test:

Once the interviewer contacts and schedules a test with the applicant, both parties will receive a scheduled invite that includes the invitation link needed to participate in the live interview.

3.) Live Testing:

Upon the day of the interview, if the applicant opens the invitation link before the scheduled test time, or if the interviewer is running late, the applicant is redirected to a waiting room until both parties have opened their invitation. Once both the interviewer and the applicant are present for the interview, the Live Coding Test can begin!

Deciding The Result Of The Live Test

Once inside the test, the interviewer has full control, allowing them to end the interview at any time. Upon exiting the test, the interviewer can mark whether the candidate passed the test or not. 

The service will also prepare a report which will include the applicant’s code and any drawings that were saved during the test.

test report whiteboard

This gives interviewers the information needed to summarize the results in an accurate, unbiased sense that leads to stronger candidates for your company roles.

Why spend valuable company time with manual recruitment when you could implement LuGo-Test today?