In today’s rapidly evolving tech industry, hiring the right candidates for coding positions has become increasingly challenging. Traditional resume screening and interviews may not accurately assess a candidate’s coding abilities. To address this issue, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: a coding assessment service that ensures fair and unbiased evaluations by preventing candidates from using external assistance, including ChatGPT, during the test.

The Challenge:

When evaluating candidates’ coding skills, creating an environment that closely reflects real-world scenarios is essential. However, with the widespread availability of online resources, including AI-based language models like ChatGPT, it has become difficult to gauge a candidate’s genuine capabilities. Candidates can easily rely on these resources for code completion, problem-solving, or receiving assistance during coding assessments.

The Solution:

Our ChatGPT-Free Coding Assessment Service incorporates three essential phases to ensure fair evaluations. 

  • Clear Instructions: Candidates are provided with explicit warnings at the beginning of the test, prohibiting the use of ChatGPT or BARD. 

  • Screen Sharing: To enhance transparency, candidates are required to share their screens during the assessment. This enables real-time monitoring of their activities, ensuring compliance with the guidelines.

  • Intelligent Detection: Our system utilizes advanced technology to detect any attempts by candidates to access ChatGPT or similar resources. If such usage is detected, the candidate is immediately disqualified from the test.

Try our ChatGPT-Free Coding Assessment Service today and enjoy a 30-day free trial.