Credible test results and candidate integrity are fundamental to the Lugo-Test product and service. 

Hiring decisions are based on the information and insight produced from the evaluation process. We put great emphasis on securing the testing environment by incorporating silent but powerful measures, enhancing the accuracy of the evaluation.

Lugo-Test features mitigate cheating, fraud, and impersonation attempts, acting both as prevention and detection tools.  

We design our features with customer satisfaction and candidate experience in mind. We want our hiring managers to authenticate the candidate’s abilities and knowledge while providing the candidate the platform to showcase and perform.

Apply the features together or separately according to the nature of the test and your discretion.

Join us in a secure testing environment. Here are some of our favorite features! 



“No Google” feature – Restrict the candidate from using “Google.”

We monitor and restrict the candidate’s testing environment,  ensuring his answers are a true reflection of his knowledge and original thoughts. 

The candidate is instructed before and during the test to remain in the testing tab at all times. Failing to comply will follow with a warning, and lastly, disqualification. 



Screenshots-based test powered with machine learning.

Apply intelligent monitoring throughout the test to determine the nature of the candidate’s activities, reflected from the screenshots, and identify whether the candidate’s activity was legitimate or not.



Webcam-based test.

Activate “Facial recognition” to confirm the candidate is the one taking the test and validate his identity. 

Prevent external expert assistance by configuring the test to take the candidates’ profile picture every X minutes.

Record the testing session, capturing the audio, surrounding, and screen activity.