BI SQL (Coding)

 60 Minutes
 4 Questions

This test is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge of coding, SQL Server, and Transact-SQL. The test will include coding challenges that require the candidate to write code using Transact-SQL. The test is designed to evaluate the candidate's ability to design, develop, and troubleshoot SQL Server databases and applications.

Example Question:

Consider the following Employee schema:
TABLE Employee
EmployeeID int NULL,
EmployeeName nvarchar(50) NULL,
ManagerID int NULL,
DepartmentID int NULL,
Salary float NULL
Please write a T-SQL query to display every employee along with his manager.
The following columns should be displayed
EmployeeName EmployeeName
- The manager is also an employee
- To view the table data, type: "select * from Employee" and press on Run SQL