C (Coding)

 60 Minutes
 4 Questions

Test your proficiency with our C Coding Challenge Assessment, a comprehensive test focused on the ability to solve algorithms and handle tasks across various core C programming topics. Highlights: Broad Spectrum: from the use of basic C syntax, variable types, and arrays to more complex topics such as pointers, memory management (including dynamic allocation), and file handling. The test requires a solid grasp of these foundational elements to ensure a well-rounded understanding of C's capabilities. Algorithmic Solutions: Candidates are required to demonstrate logical thinking and solution crafting, applying foundational programming concepts. This involves creating algorithms that are not only functional but also capitalize on C?s unique features and efficiency. This assessment is designed to probe your practical C programming skills in real-world scenarios, evaluating your level of expertise in both problem deconstruction and effective code implementation.

Example Question:

Once Bobby found an electronic calculator in his grandfather's chest. He noticed that the numbers were written with *seven-segment indicators. Bobby starts to type all the values from a to b. After typing each number, he resets the calculator. Find the total number of segments printed on the calculator.


a = 1
b = 3

At first, the calculator will print 2 segments, then 5 segments, and at last it will print 5 segments. So the total number of printed segments is 12.

*A seven-segment display is an electronic component with seven LED segments arranged in the shape of a numeral "8." By turning on specific segments, it can display numbers and some basic characters. It is commonly used in digital clocks, calculators, and other devices to show numerical information.