C++ (Coding)

 60 Minutes
 4 Questions

Test your proficiency with our C++ Coding Challenge Assessment, a comprehensive test focused on your ability to solve algorithms across various C++ topics. Highlights: Broad Spectrum: Challenges cover all C++ topics, requiring a solid grasp of the entire language from basic structures to advanced functionalities. Algorithmic Solutions: Emphasis on solving diverse algorithms, demonstrating your depth in data structure manipulation, and optimized coding. Efficiency Required: The assessment values not only correctness but also code efficiency, pushing for best practices in optimized programming. This direct and focused assessment is designed to test your C++ knowledge in a real-world scenario, marking your skill level in both problem-solving and efficient code formulation.

Example Question:

Once Bobby found an electronic calculator in his grandfather's chest. He noticed that the numbers were written with *seven-segment indicators. Bobby starts to type all the values from a to b. After typing each number, he resets the calculator. Find the total number of segments printed on the calculator.


a = 1
b = 3

At first, the calculator will print 2 segments, then 5 segments, and at last it will print 5 segments. So the total number of printed segments is 12.

*A seven-segment display is an electronic component with seven LED segments arranged in the shape of a numeral "8." By turning on specific segments, it can display numbers and some basic characters. It is commonly used in digital clocks, calculators, and other devices to show numerical information.