30 Minutes
 15 Questions

This test is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge of technology, chef, and the basics of cooking. The test will include questions about the use of technology in the kitchen, such as how to use a computer to create recipes or manage inventory. It will also include questions about chef basics, such as knife skills and food safety. Finally, it will include questions about basic cooking techniques and ingredients.

Example Question:

In a Chef environment file named production.rb, you have the following attribute defined:

 'my_application' => {
  'config' => {
   'background_color' => 'blue'

This environment is associated with a node where the following attribute is set in a recipe (recipes/setup.rb):

node.normal['my_application']['config']['background_color'] = 'green'

However, in the same recipe, just before setting the normal attribute, a search is performed, which sets an automatic attribute like this:

search(:node, 'role:webserver').each do |n|
 n.automatic['my_application']['config']['background_color'] = 'red'

Given that no other attribute levels are set for background_color, what will be the final value of node['my_application']['config']['background_color'] when the recipe runs on the node?