JavaServer Faces

 40 Minutes
 20 Questions

This test will assess the knowledge of technology, JavaServer Faces, and its fundamentals and UI components. It will cover topics such as the architecture of JavaServer Faces, the lifecycle of a JSF request, the different types of UI components available, and how to use them in a web application. The test will also include questions on how to create custom components and how to integrate with other technologies.

Example Question:

What is the meaning of the message tag in the following code
<td><h:outputLabel value="First Number" for="firstNumber" /></td>
<td><h:inputText id="firstNumber"
<f:validateLongRange minimum="1" maximum="5"/>
</td><td><h:message for="firstNumber" /></td>
<td><h:outputLabel value="Second Number" for="secondNumber" />
<td><h:inputText id="secondNumber"
value="#{calculator.secondNumber}" />
<h:commandButton action="#{calculator.add}" value="Add" >