Nagios Core

 20 Minutes
 10 Questions

This test is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge of DevOps, Nagios Core, and the basics of system monitoring. The test will cover topics such as setting up and configuring Nagios Core, understanding the basics of system monitoring, and understanding the principles of DevOps. The test will also include questions on troubleshooting common issues with Nagios Core and understanding how to use it to monitor systems.

Example Question:

 Determine the functionality of this detailed Nagios service definition:

define service{
 use           generic-service
 host_name        mailserver
 service_description   SMTP Queue Length
 check_command      check_smtp_queue!300!500
 max_check_attempts   3
 normal_check_interval  10
 retry_check_interval  2
 notification_interval  60
 notification_period   weekdays
 notification_options  w,c