Selenium Java (Coding)

 30 Minutes
 1 Questions

Dive into our streamlined Selenium Assessment Test in Java, crafted to evaluate your expertise in web automation. This concise yet challenging test requires candidates to implement robust automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver, emphasizing real-world testing scenarios. In this assessment, participants will: Demonstrate practical skills in crafting Selenium automation scripts within a Java environment. Solve diverse, realistic tasks focusing on key Selenium operations, from element selection to complex browser navigation. Exhibit proficiency in Java programming specifics as they relate to efficient, effective Selenium script development. Embrace the challenge to showcase your comprehensive command of Selenium in Java, proving yourself as a standout professional in web automation coding.

Example Question:

Please implement the function getCharactersCount in the following way:
Your code should concatenate all the paragraphs' text (according to the <p> tag) and return the number of characters.

Use the following webpage:

Note: the function receives a ChromDriver, which was already initialized (the URL above was not set in the driver).