Vue (Coding)

 40 Minutes
 2 Questions

Test your proficiency with our Vue.js Coding Challenge Assessment, a comprehensive test focused on your ability to build dynamic user interfaces and single-page applications using various Vue.js features. Highlights: - Vue.js topics, ranging from fundamental concepts like data binding, components, and directives, to advanced functionalities such as state management with Vuex, routing with Vue Router, and handling asynchronous operations. Participants need a comprehensive understanding of these critical elements to craft scalable and responsive applications. - Practical Implementations: The test emphasizes real-world scenarios, requiring you to demonstrate your expertise in employing Vue.js to solve common frontend development problems. This involves creating interactive elements and components, managing state, and routing, all while writing clean, maintainable code.

Example Question:

In this question, you will implement a simple Time Machine component:
The time machine should support 3 operations:
  1. Increment time by 1. (Time +1)
  2. Decrement time by 1. (Time -1)
  3. Reset time to 0. (Reset to 0)

The code contains three buttons matching the operations above,
the "countDiv" should display only the time number, e.g., 0
and the initial time value should be 0