We are excited to introduce our game-changing feature: Lugo-Test Multiple files coding challenges!

Perform a hyper-accurate evaluation by having the candidate consider the organizational and reusability properties of the code itself.

With the new support of multiple files coding challenges, applicants will tackle complex coding challenge that includes implementing their code in multiple files.

Lugo-test users can specify the coding challenge structural requirements. When composing the test, choose to constrict the code to one file or multiple files. 

The candidates may also independently use multiple files in coding challenges; however, it won’t impact their scoring unless required.

What’s changed? We added a new bar, indicating the candidates to solve the challenge by adding up to 3 files. 

Why multiple-files?

A good code achieves expectations and fulfills its function; a great code exceeds expectations. What should you look for when reviewing candidates’ coding challenges?

You want the candidate to have a sense of intent behind his work, having the ability to consider variables beyond the task at hand.

Accommodating the code to the system reflects attention to detail and efficiency-oriented thinking – Crunched for space? Requires fast input? In need of a better response time?  

Solid infrastructure, from documentation to readability – The next programmer can efficiently work with well-assembled code for maintenance and development.

Foresight and flexibility – Having the ability to anticipate future needs and lay out the ground for them.