The stakes of making the right hire are at all times high. As the recruitment narrative is shaping up to be strategic and impactful, there’s great emphasis on evaluations and assessments. Adding a new individual to your team, let alone dozens will make an impact. Therefore, recruiters are essentially setting the tone of the company, professionally and culturally. The challenge is finding the middle ground in which your new hire fulfills the immediate requirements of his position while possessing those intangible properties which make him valuable – a talent.

With this realization in mind, focusing on both potential and skills is the best approach to evaluate applicants. The number of variables to consider can be endless, adding unnecessary pressure and time to the recruitment process. Avoid the search after the “perfect” employee. Instead, look for compatibility and adaptability. New hires grow and excel with their team throughout time. Measuring and assessing if a new hire was the right choice will take months. Strive to bring and hire the best and talented, and follow up by conducting periodical assessments of the impact they made, tweak and refine your process to get a hyper-confident decision each time.



is key

Elevate your process by Incorporating technical evaluation tools.

There are many moving parts to an evaluation: the recruiter, the supervising manager, the marketing team, and the technical expert – Save resources and automate your recruitment process.  

Use automated screening to make evidence-based decisions. Go beyond resumes and provide your candidates with a simulated testing environment to show their capabilities, skills, and thought processes. Coding challenges and professional knowledge-based questions are a great way to get a clear insight into your candidates’ abilities. 

Conduct online technical interviews to ensure no candidate falls between the cracks. Improve your sourcing abilities by eliminating disturbing factors such as time and geography, and maintain a steady pace while quickly screening unqualified applicants. 

Reinforce the credibility of the testing results by testing in a controlled environment, using sophisticated measures to mitigate Fraud and Plagiarism​. 

The best candidate

will demonstrate both

creativity and

analytical elements.

After all, the nature of engineering, programming, and development is problem-solving. 

Invest the time saved using the automated technical evaluation on engaging with your candidates to identify the intangible properties.

A cultural fit should represent a great addition to the team, possessing excellent communication skills while challenging ideas and peers.

Look for passionate candidates who are inspired and curious to elevate the teams’ motivation.

Finally, Consider the organizations’ long-term goals to foresee how well the candidate would adjust and evolve with you.