The Israel democracy institute has recently (August 2021) Initiated a thinking tank along with the Ministry of Finance, The Histadruth organization, and representatives from the private and public sector to standardize and regulate the remote working model. 

According to the Eurostat 2020 report, out of 35 countries, Israel is positioned as 1 out of 3 countries with the highest remote working employee percentage. The leading industries in Israel which practice remote working are High-tech and finance; furthermore, according to the Israel democracy institute, at least half of the companies in the High-tech industry will continue the hybrid working model past 2021 and covid-19. 

As large companies such as Microsoft and Cisco are taking the time to internally examine the benefits and disadvantages of remote working and their employee satisfaction, it becomes clear that there is a ripple effect to the recruiting and hiring field. 

If just a couple of years prior, we considered geography, comparable attributes, and specific credentials to be the leading conditions of a potential candidate; now we have to readjust and take a new approach when searching for a successful future employee. Here is where remote hiring comes into place.

The challenge of

remote hiring is

identifying and

harnessing its benefits

to make your

company better and


The funnel for new talent is now a fast stream of new or experienced employees that want to expand their employment potential beyond the physical restrictions. Harnessing this realization to your company will allow you to recruit the best and brightest. There is no need to compromise; choose the perfect candidate for you and enrich the conversation and thinking in your organization.

Scaling and growing your company have never been more straightforward. Remote hiring allows you to set a fast and consistent pace to your recruitment process, don’t wait, stall or reschedule. You can interview a larger mass in a shorter time by conducting the interviews and technical assessments remotely. The recruitment process includes many moving parts; HR personal, technical managers, and management personal. Easily fit all the necessary team members in the process without hindering their productivity and time. The added benefit is for candidates who appreciate a smooth and attentive process. compress the hiring process to a shorter timeline. 

Go beyond resumes and hire objectively according to evident skills. The time spent going through dozens or hundreds of impressive resumes is astonishing. Even after careful consideration and verification, you will not be completely convinced of the skill sets of the candidate you’ve chosen. Conducting an online technical assessment at any stage of the hiring process will change your life. Take advantage of advanced methods, challenges, and tests to evaluate soft and hard skill sets. See how the candidate thinks, performs, and communicates his abilities in the early stages.

Making your hiring as hyper-accurate as possible will

ensure no resources are wasted on training,

incompatibility, and false expectations.