In many ways, the last year has exceeded expectations, as the Israeli high-tech industry powered through the challenges of covid-19, managing to stay on top. As start-ups choose independence and grow as companies, the human component has become the greatest asset. 

In contrast to this trend, there is a discrepancy between a large number of open positions in the industry to a large number of discouraged job seekers. If start-ups are looking to grow, and thousands of qualified graduates are added to the job market every year, what is holding those two groups from connecting?

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It’s time to embrace Lugo-test Remote Hiring!

Improving the quality of hires will directly increase retention rate time-to-hire, growing talent pipeline, and diversity hiring. 

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Communicate the technical requirements for any position in a dedicated environment. 

Save resources and automate your recruitment process with the Lugo-test expert platform of 300+ technologies. 

Enrich your organizational culture

Increase your reach to talented and valuable applicants by making your process limitless and bias-free.

Go beyond resumes to determine who is brilliant both on paper and on performance. 

Get to know your applicants by testing technical strengths and assessing soft skill qualities.